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Name Inspiration

Choosing a Name:

When trying to pick a blog name it can seem overwhelming. There are so many possibilities and combinations to choose from. Then it happens.  You find the one, the funniest, most appropriate and awesome title you’ve ever come up with but? It’s already been taken by someone. Damnit. Back to the drawing board and start over again. It is very frustrating to feel like you’re falling at the first hurdle.

It took me several weeks of going back and forth over names, phrases that I liked, words that appealed to me and many that didn’t. I don’t know about you but there are just some words that I can’t stand. Moist. Unguent. They make me cringe, but thankfully, they weren’t up for consideration for my blog. My word weirdness aside, I actually ended up going right back to my original idea for the name.

Tips For Picking A Name:

This is just a small list of the ways I narrowed down the possibilities, feel free to do your own thing of course.

  • Start a spreadsheet – everyone loves a good spreadsheet! List the titles that you may already have floating around in your head.
  • Use a pen and paper – I know, how old fashioned! I personally found this easier to scribble down thoughts and words, linking them together if I found a combination I liked.
  • Browse the internet for blog names you like. Write down a list of them and reasons why they appeal to you. Is it alliteration? Repetition? A funny play on words? Any reason that it speaks to you.
  • Use Pinterest to create a board of pictures that inspire you, this is especially useful if you already have a niche idea that you want to base the blog around. Use this board to inspire a list of words associated with the pictures.
  • Add any new names and titles to your spreadsheet, review it often and maybe this was just me, try saying them out aloud. If you struggle to say it, chances are it’s not the one for you.
  • As a last resort try asking your cat to pick one from the list, consult the tea leaves in your cup, perhaps check your star sign for the month.

I tried all of these and came up with mine (not the cat one though, I don’t have one so I used my husband – see below). It didn’t happen overnight and at times I felt like giving up, I was doubting myself and second guessing them all.

Anything Interesting Today?

So why did I choose this name for my blog? Well, it’s because of Kal. Ever since we’ve been together he’s always asked me the same question when I get home from work. “Anything interesting at work today?” I’ve worked in retail or the service industry throughout our relationship and no day is ever the same. I’m always sharing something weird and wonderful that has happened to me during the course of my day. Customer interactions, coworkers and upper management. They are all stories worth telling and are definitely for another time and many posts (and with names changed to protect the guilty of course!)

That phrase has become part of our routine, my reply is usually something along the lines of “same shit different day”. Once I’ve taken off my shoes, let my hair down, and relaxed for a few minutes I can then tell Kal the stories of the day. It’s our thing and I’m sure he gets sick of me moaning about my day but quite often crazy odd things happen that are worth telling.

Are you just starting out in the world of blogging and have just hit the name jackpot? If so please share below, I’d love to hear your stories of how you picked the one for you! If not, maybe you’re an established blogger with more tips to add? Get in touch, as alway, we love to hear from people!

~Addy x

Sandy Feet

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