13 Quirky Facts About Us


Getting to Know Us Quirky Folks:

Sorry for being so quiet this past week and a bit. It’s been a stressful time in the Kal and Addy household. Addy has been working her little socks off on a presentation for her interview (read the update here) while working extra hours to cover for staff illness. However, we thought we’d share some quirky facts about ourselves with you today!

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The Facts:

  1.  Addy is deathly afraid of butterflies and moths. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s the fluttering and moths diving bombing when you’re trying to read a book by lamp light.
  2. Kal doesn’t like cherries with the stems still attached. We’re not entirely sure why…
  3. Kal and Addy met while playingWorld of Warcraft 11 years ago. He was a hunter and she was a druid (Moonkin for life!)
  4. Addy was born in Hong Kong. Her parents are both English who were living there while it was a British colony.
  5. Kal is obsessed with Stephen King books. He’s even got a signed copy of one and has an entire bookcase devoted to his work.
  6. Kal is also obsessed with Pepsi. As in he drinks litres of the stuff, despite Addy’s attempts to get him to drink healthier options. He also thinks his arms will fall off if he stops drinking it. Probably.
  7. Addy has a total girl crush on Felicia Day(whispers… “She’s awesome…and funny…and just awesome” fan girls some more…)
  8. Addy did book reviews on the radio in Hong Kong as a girl. Try reviewing a book with a character called “Titty” as your mother collapses, laughing in the corner.
  9. Kal is very particular about the type of soap he uses. He loves glycerin based soaps like these by Bomb Bath Products
  10. Addy owns all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. Don’t judge her.
  11. Kal owns at least 100 pairs of socks. He still needs more.
  12. Addy had a tongue piercing for 10 years. She misses playing with it.
  13. Both Kal and Addy tried Art College but didn’t go through with it. His was in the USA and hers was in the UK.

So that is us. Over to you, what weird and wonderful quirky facts do you have to share?

~Kal and Addy

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